Monday, May 16, 2011


I know, I know the most important is the atmosphere. At least that is what most of you say to themselves to feel better. And sorry for the harsh words, nut no that is not the most important part. It is like saying that the girl’s personality is the most crucial part for a boy. You are wrong he likes gorgeous girls and everybody enjoys nice decorations. I am not saying that you should get crazy, however you should count 2000$ for the whole decorations for something cute. Places you should not forget to decorate.

1 table where all the sitting charts are on
2 lavatories
3 canopies
4 canopies
5 gift basket
6 little girl’s basket
7 front gate

If you want flowers on every table it is going to cost you about 75$ per table for a vase some gorgeous flowers and a few candles. You should remember that when it comes to decorations, candles or a girl’s best friend. Use them, as much as you can. The effect is wow but the coast is minim.
Ps:You should also have a twist in decorations for the “table d’honneur” it should be in the same theme but with a little touch of spectacular.



Did you know that veils are expensive, I didn’t know that. Know I understand why mothers pass on their veils to their daughters. I thought it was all about emotions…. I was wrong.
The veils we were looking at where at 400 to 1500 dollars.
-The important thing you should remember is that if you are short don’t take a too voluminous veils. Long yes, puffy no!
-keep it simple, if your dress is very extravagant, then your veil should be discreet.
- Fascinators are great for short or mid-length dresses.
-hair accessories are welcome but no cheap tiaras that look like you purchased at the

 Different styles:
Mantilla:  veil is usually made out of lace.
Chapel: those long 5 meters veil, very royal.
Blusher:  a short single layer
Elbow: from headpiece and extends down to your elbows. Great for casual weddings or more mature brides.
Fingertip: The end of the veil goes up to your fingertips. It’s any easy choice, it fits everything.
 Full length (Waltz): This long veil will flow from your headpiece right down to your ankles. Great for well fitted and mermaid style dresses
Double-tier:  two layers, one shorter than the other

Sunday, May 15, 2011

wedding dresses part 2

Okay ill help you out!

Here is the websites you should check out:
Jenny Packham,
 Reem Acra,
Vera Wang,
Elie Saab,
 Rosa Clara,
 La Sposa,
 Ian Stuart,
Bruce Oldfield,
 Oscar de la Renta,
 Monique Lhuillier and San Patrick….

Don’t get to excited and don’t fall in love with those dresses. Pronovias and la sposa or even Rosa Clara are affordable (between 2000 to 5000 $) but for Vera Wang, Reem Acra and Jenny Packham the minimum would be at 10 000$. The prices are huge but you could still find some of those dresses in some outlets. If you don’t care that the dress is form last collection (and believe me you don’t care, a Vera Wang is a Vera Wang, and if it’s fits you it fit’s you!!) then you could find a designer dress for half price.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

wedding dress part 1

First thing is to know what you actually enjoy seeing on others. You should scan every possible magazine or site. Every designer has a guideline, and every design is special, but at the end you should be able to go into a shop and pick your favorite 3 cuts. I know It sucks but I have to tell you the truth. I always thought that once you get engaged you enjoy of every appointment; you call up those fancy stores, you go in, and are being treated like royalty. That was just a dream. When we went dress shopping with my sister we realized that most of the shop owners are bitches! They are the elite of the royalty of bitches. You schedule an appointment but they will not give you more than 45 minutes. They will actually make you chose two to three dresses, not more, because let’s face it they have other priorities. The true irony is that the nicest the shop the crapier the service. When you spend about 3000$ on a dress you deserve the nicest treatment. To make sure they will not kick you out, prepare yourself, make up your mind and go to the appointments relaxed. And shut up those skanks if they annoy you, they deserve it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Invitations are usually an object of dilemmas. Usually one of the sides will find the invitations a waste of money. Even though I am this wedding freak, I can understand them. Most of the invitations are not observed for long. However, this is the first taste, the appetizer of your wedding.
Bottom line: even if you are loaded, I don’t recommend spending more than 7 dollars on the invitations. Nice invitations are to be found at the starting point of 3 dollars. You should always order 20 percent extra invitations for emergencies. Invitations should be send 6 to 4 weeks before the big day.
The best thing to do is to provide an e-mail address so that the new generation wouldn’t be tempted not to respond. Ohhh and please cut the facebook crap! You seriously don’t want to organize your wedding on a social network. You deserve better.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

pompoms or black tie?????

Every wedding should have a certain theme. I know that most of the brides don’t like to hear what they should do, but this will actually help you. Why? Well I am glad you asked…. Because how will you choice the style of decoration, venue, invitations… if you don’t have a general theme yo will get hysterical because there is a lot of options you will like, and then what, how are going to decide. At the bottom line it is nicer and easier to have a certain guideline.
Themes you should ignore:
-circus freak, any animal, any bright color, back to childhood, medicine, Moulin rouge( those examples are not made up, I actually saw those)
Welcomed themes:
-French style, vintage, British chic, black and white, pale colors, Indian glamour white and gold, modern, under the Tuscan sun, thousand lights.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011